A haiku written by Cindy Zackowitz can be recognized even without seeing
her name. Cindy has, in my mind, a way of writing haiku that is unique.

As I have read her for more than one year, I have given much thought to her writing and I can give the following characteristics :

- She describes for us the North, in a very simple way, with its silences, its coolness, its short summers, its snows and its rains. She writes our dreams of the North.

- It is always in detail

- She has a strong connection to Nature, each haiku is an immersion in it.

- Her haiku give us the feeling of having been present; Cindy is a photographer and that is readable in her haiku.

- Nature is not a external element like a scenery, she is both the actor and the scenery.

- Each haiku is self-sufficient. It is an enclosed world, a space of dream, autonomous.

- There is always an infinite sadness hidden under the words.

- It is always a sweet image, a very common thing, as we could see every day.

- It is a static description or then just a small transitory deviation from a world in which the time flows slowly, at the rhythm of the seasons. One feels the Time under her words.

- They are haiku in which nothing important happens. The kind of things one likes to read to release internal tensions, stress, to cut oneself from the world.

They are things I like to have on hand or there, in my memory when things are getting hard, to escape, just a while ...

It is quite always
an unforgettable image

Serge Tomé
editor of the site 'tempslibres - free times'